I’m teaching a workshop tonight at the Artisan’s Asylum, the awesome makerspace in Somerville, and thought I’d share this handout list here since then all the links can be live.

This is a list of all the free or open source bits of software and other things that I’ve used in my publishing ventures. I’ve also used a lot of expensive things like Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, and so on. But not everyone has the money or the access to the high-priced programs, so part of my workshop is basically how you can do it all using free or very inexpensive options.

Book-making Software & Free Stuff You Will Need

Download a printable one-page version here: PDF

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    That’s right, I’ll be at the 50th Balticon this coming weekend doing the following:

    6:15pm-7:15pm Autographing
    10pm-10:50pm Panel: Trends in Erotic Short Fiction, with Nobilis!
    11pm-11:52pm Erotica Reading: with KM Sparza & Stephanie Burke

    11am-12:20pm Workshop: Web Serial Toolbox
    11pm-12:20am Panel: Hot Hot Hot or Not?

    11am-11:50 Panel: Writing Series: Good Idea? W/RA McAvoy, Michael Swanwick, and Allen Steele
    8pm Panel: How To Keep Your Series On Track! W/Carl Cipra, William Galaini, Scott Andrews, James Minz
    10:30pm – 12:20am Circlet Press Variety Show

    Full details below the cut!

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    Here I am in Chicago! It’s very foggy here. Figured I’d post a rundown of what I’m doing and where to find me in case any of you need it:

    SATURDAY May 14 at The Book Con

    at the McCormick Place convention center, Chicago

    1pm – 1:30 pm AUTOGRAPHING
    at the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Booth 1716
    I’ll be signing copies of TAKING THE LEAD, my latest kinky rock star romance.

    at the Grand Central Publishing/Hachette booth 1716
    with my fellow Forever Romance authors Elizabeth Hoyt and Debbie Mason!
    I’ll again be signing and giving away TAKING THE LEAD

    in Room W470
    Very excited to be speaking on this panel on a subject very important to me, moderated by Joyce Lamb of USA Today’s “Happy Ever After” blog. Official description: The #WeNeedDiverseBooks initiative is being passionately embraced by readers of all genres – and authors of romantic fiction are absolutely passionate about the movement! Browse the selection at booksellers, and you will see ever-increasing title offerings that feature LGBTQ characters and couples; books that feature multi-ethnic perspective and give love to the silver fox set. In this panel, moderated by Joyce Lamb, curator of USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog, and featuring Cecilia Tan, Taking the Lead (Forever), Sona Charaipotra, Tiny Pretty Things (Epic Reads), Dhonielle Clayton, Tiny Pretty Things (Epic Reads), will frankly discuss meeting reader demand for Diverse Books in the romance genre; as well as propose tactics on how to support the growth of this market segment.

    Sunday May 15 at the SFWA Nebulas Weekend

    at the Palmer House Hilton

    11am – 12pm Web Serial Toolbox
    I’ll be teaching a crash course in everything you need to know to start your own web serial. If you can blog, you can publish a web serial! I’ll be talking about both creative and business reasons to serialize, as well as why *not* to serialize, and discuss what free & inexpensive tech tools are out there to keep your overhead costs non-existent to under $25.


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    I’ll be hosting a one-hour live chat via YouTube Live, streaming on my YouTube channel! This Thursday from 9-10pm Eastern (Apr 21) I’ll be talking all things Daron, the latest Kickstarter, and reading from Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, as usual!

    As a bonus, if we can pass the $3,000 milestone by the time of the chat, a special one-hour text chat with Daron will follow for backers only! You can back the Kickstarter for as low as $1, right here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ceciliatan/darons-guitar-chronicles-third-omnibus

    You can pull that chat up on YouTube directly at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSJWPwxEjGA

    OR should be able watch the video chat via this embedded video:

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    I’ve been so busy running from event to event to event this month that I haven’t had a chance to blog my thoughts from the NELGBTC Conference until now, 10-11 days later. NELGBTC is a queer student activism conference that moves around annually from campus to campus. I was invited by the SUNY Stony Brook TNG group and presented two sessions there. Far as I can tell in my digging and research NELGBTC is the successor to what was called the NELGSAC/NELGSU Conference back in 1985, which I attended as a newly minted queer student activist at Brown University. (NELGSU had reformed as NELGBSA by 1992 and the mantle of national student queer organizing umbrella organization had been taken up by NELGBTC by about 1997, far as I can tell from searching Internet archives.)

    When I got to college in 1985 I knew I was bisexual but didn’t know what that “meant” as far as answering the question “who am I?” I was trying to figure a lot of stuff out (as usual at that age) about sexuality, including what it “meant” to be a sexually active woman (even heterosexually) in a society that was pretty condemnatory about that (I was still technically a virgin at that point, btw) and how to deal with stuff like the fact I wasn’t comfortable being/presenting as a typical cisgendered female–especially when the (bullshit) messages I was getting from society were that if I wanted to explore sexuality then adopting cisgender female attire and “looks” was how one was supposed to signal sexual availability. The “problem” of course wasn’t me, it was society, and the fact I hadn’t yet found “my people,” i.e. other folks whose identities and sexualities were outside the heterosexual cis norm.

    I found those people at my first LGSA (Lesbian Gay Student Alliance) meeting, even though at the time there was no “B” in the name and I still wasn’t totally sure if as a bisexual I was welcome in that space. Well, first it was me who wasn’t sure I was committed to entering that space. I had seen the posters advertising a meeting and I had tried to “casually” pass by the meeting room to “just get a look” before committing to going in. But at the time of the meeting…the room was empty. How weird, I thought. I went back to the bulletin board to check the time and place. I wandered around trying to pretend I had another reason to be in that building. I buzzed past the room again. Still empty. My anxiety about this whole thing was starting to spike and I thought forget this, I’ll just go back to my room.

    I stepped outside the building and there were a bunch of people unloading grocery bags of snacks and soda from the back of a car. They took one look at me and said, “Oh are you here for the LGSA meeting? Can you help carry this?”

    Well, apparently “my people” recognized ME and knew I belonged. So my very first act of queer student activism was to help set up the snacks and drinks for a meeting that I had not been totally sure I was going to attend. (I was soon taught about “gay standard time,” LOL.)

    I stayed the whole meeting and was active in the LGSA for the next 4 years–and that first year was when Brown happened to host the NELGSU conference.

    Here’s an indicator how much of an outsider I still felt, though…

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    I’m leaving for RT in a couple of days and realized I never posted my schedule! Here’s where you can find me at the Vegas RT Booklovers Convention!

    WEDNESDAY April 13

    12:15 – 12:45 pm CLUB RT
    I’ll be hanging out a 30 minute slot in Club RT to meet folks and hand out swag. Come say hi!

    8pm – 9pm PODCAST
    I’ll be joining Linda Mooney’s Other Worlds of Romance podcast live from RT! Well, I’ll be doing it from somewhere quiet, but you can listen on the internet at Blog Talk Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/other_worlds_of_romance/2016/04/14/live-from-rt-cecilia-tan-is-my-guest-author-on-april-13th

    THURSDAY April 14

    11:15-11:45 pm CLUB RT
    My second and final hang-out for a 30-minute slot in Club RT! Come say hi and get a gift from me. :-)

    4pm -5pm PANEL: LGBTQ+: Queer Isn’t a Genre: The Intersectionalities of Love
    with Amelia Vaughn, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Cecilia Tan, Georgia Beers, Erica Cameron
    “This panel will include authors from many different minorities — authors of color, authors with disabilities, queer authors, and authors who write any/all of the above — to discuss the intersectionalities of diversity in fiction.”

    FRIDAY April 15

    1:30 – 2:30 pm PANEL: Conferences & Conventions: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck
    with Tere Michaels, Jennifer Morris, Rayna Vause, Cecilia Tan
    “New to the business or just want to get more out of your convention/conference dollar? This panel will include four experts who will discuss how to choose the right event for you, how to prepare, how to submit a can’t-fail workshop proposal, how to get the most out of the experience and the best follow-up. We’ll talk about everything from swag choices to packing to physical branding on the ground to creating a post-convention bump.”

    SATURDAY April 18

    Giant Book Fair 10:30 – 2pm
    I’ll be signing books at the Giant Book Fair. Look for me under the letter T.

    FAN-Tastic-Day Party 6:45-7:30
    I’m in the “second shift” of authors at FAN-Tastic Day, so come hang out and meet me and lots of authors. Tends to be a swag-fest, too!

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    Registration for RWA National opens next week (on Feb 2, according to the RWA website), and so now’s probably a really good time for me to blog about the pros and cons of attending big romance cons, specifically the cost. Really, for me, the only downside is how expensive it is to attend either of the two biggies on the romance calendar, RWA and RT Booklovers (often just called RT).

    I mentioned in my email newsletter recently that I didn’t attend the 2011 RWA conference in New York City because I simply couldn’t afford to. But now in 2016 I can’t afford NOT to. Here’s why.

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    The Arisia science fiction convention is next week in Boston, at the Westin Waterfront, with guest of honor John Scalzi. My panel & appearance schedule has finally settled down and shaped up to the following four panels, two parties, and one erotica reading! Details:

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    I’m sitting here in bed on the last night of RT Booklovers, with my knee up on pillows with an ice pack. Ouch. You see, at Heather Graham’s Vampire Ball, they had a charity fundraiser for a pediatric AIDS organization, where for five bucks you could dance with the cover model of your choice. So I danced with the delectable DeLonn Donovan, which was lovely. But then the next time I tried to stand up, my left knee was so swollen I could barely limp back to my room.

    Great thanks to Sarah Frantz Lyons and L.A. Witt (aka Lauren Gallagher) who retrieved me a bag of ice. I did myself a mischief, it would seem!

    I figure to recap the convention I should note a couple of things. Like how about my awards speeches? That’s a good thing to blog!

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    It has been a fabulous, busy first 24 hours at RT. I arrived last night too late to pick up my badge, but that was all right. Once I retrieved my box of giveaways and unpacked, I headed to the bar where I had nonstop fantastic conversations with smart women from about 8pm to well past midnight. Sarah Frantz and Rachel Haimowitz from Riptide Publishing, book bloggers like Jo from Wicked Lil Pixie Reviews, Stephanie from Book-A-Holic Anon, and Lynda “Fish with Sticks” (a knitting enthusiast as well as book lover), authors Jessica Freehly and L.A. Witt, and more.

    Today after a lovely breakfast of berry-filled crepes with chocolate, courtesy of RT at the welcome session, I took in the presentation by Wattpad. The session was led by Wattpad staffer Ashleigh Gardner and bestselling author Anna Todd (whose One Direction fanfic grew into a huge international sensation on Wattpad and was bought by Simon & Schuster and now will be a movie from Paramount).

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    NOW UPDATED! The RT Booklovers Convention, colloquially known simply as “RT”, is a nonstop whirlwind of book love. I went to my first one last year, and it was simply an awesome time with a couple thousand passionate romance-novel-loving women (and a few men). It’s a place where no one’s afraid to wear their good cardigan sweater *and* custom Avengers high-top sneakers *and* rhinestone cat eye glasses. It’s a place where over a thousand introverts get showered with free books at parties where the publishers ply them with red wine and cupcakes. (I’m exaggerating about none of this: check my Instagram feed from last year for the proof.)

    It’s a huge non-stop party, with a TON going on. Check out The Agenda, which isn’t even everything! There’s also an app! The one problem with the app and the online agenda, though, is if 9for example) you search for my name, only ONE of the events I’m doing comes up! It’s not all cross-indexed. (No, I don’t know why.)

    If you’ve never been to RT before and you’re not sure you can commit to the whole thing, there are day passes, and Saturday (“FAN-Tastic Day”) is the day with the Giant Book Fair–you can also do book fair ONLY. But check out the agenda and see what you like.

    Under the cut, here are the details on ALL the places I’ll be found during the convention:

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    This Saturday I’ll be not only teaching a workshop on BDSM Relationship Dynamics at the NECRWA Conference (New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America) at the Burlington Marriott, I’ll be one of the authors autographing at the book fair.

    The book fair is free and open to the public and runs from 1:30 – 2:30 pm at the Marriott Hotel in Burlington, Mass. Any book bought at the event includes a donation to the Massachusetts Literacy Foundation! (10% of all proceeds)

    Headlining are bestselling authors Sabrina Jeffries, Lauren Dane, Barbara Wallace, and Loretta Chase.

    Complete list of authors confirmed:
    • Judith Arnold •
    • Isabella Bradford •
    • Mia Gabriel •
    • Sherri Browning •
    • Lisa Carlisle •
    • Loretta Chase •
    • Lauren Dane •
    • Dee Davis •
    • Megan Frampton •
    • Rosza Gaston •
    • Emily Harper •
    • Lauren Hawkeye •
    • Gwen Hernandez •
    • Hannah Howell •
    • Sabrina Jeffries
    • Julia Kent •
    • Caroline Linden •
    • Tracey Lyons •
    • Teresa Noelle Roberts/Sophie Mouette •
    • Tamsen Parker •
    • Maggie Robinson •
    • P. J. Sharon •
    • Kathryn Shay •
    • Amber Skyze •
    • Kristen Strassel •
    • Cecilia Tan •
    • Susan Vaughan •
    • Barbara Wallace •

    Here’s the official flyer about the event: http://necrwa.org/conference/bookfair-flyer-2015.pdf

    I’ll have some special new Magic University tchotcke to give away at the book fair! You don’t have to buy a book to come get a Veritas “Department of Alchemy” silver-embossed notepad…


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    Updated version of this post now at : http://blog.ceciliatan.com/archives/2342

    Old version below:
    The RT Booklovers Convention, colloquially known simply as “RT”, is a nonstop whirlwind of book love. I went to my first one last year, and it was simply an awesome time with a couple thousand passionate romance-novel-loving women (and a few men). It’s a place where no one’s afraid to wear their good cardigan sweater *and* custom Avengers high-top sneakers *and* rhinestone cat eye glasses. It’s a place where over a thousand introverts get showered with free books at parties where the publishers ply them with nothing but red wine and cupcakes. I’m exaggerating about none of this: check my Instagram feed from last year for the proof.

    As I was saying, it’s a huge non-stop party, with a TON going on (check out The Agenda, which isn’t even everything!). If you’ve never been before and you’re not sure you can commit to the whole thing, there are day passes, and Saturday (“FAN-Tastic Day”) is the day with the Giant Book Fair–you can also do book fair ONLY. But check out the agenda and see what you like.

    Under the cut, here are the details on where I’ll be found during the convention, since the RT website doesn’t actually connect all the appearances for each author into one list:

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    Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a televised roundtable discussion about 50 Shades of Grey, sponsored by the Brookline Public Library. It was sort of like The View if everyone on that show were nerd girls who like erotica…okay, maybe it was nothing like The View. It was a sharp and needed conversation that handily covered so many topics swirling around the “50 Shades” phenomenon, including the responsibility of librarians, writers, and educators to support women’s sexuality on the one hand and our fears about the inaccurate and negative aspects depicted in the “50 Shades” film and book, depictions of women in the media and pop culture, where real-life BDSM meets fantasy, and much more.

    One crucial voice on the panel was that of Cassie Luna, a representative from The Network/La Red, the domestic violence advocacy group I recommended folks donate too if they wanted to do something to stop domestic violence besides handwringing over 50 Shades. It was wonderful to have someone who could actually speak authoritatively about facts of abusive and coercive relationships.

    Coming at it from another angle was Nomi Burstein, representing the OTW (Organization for Transformative Works, another group I’ve written about), to talk about 50 Shades’ fanfic roots and the thriving erotica communities that gave rise to it (and that are still thriving).

    Michelle Cove was there both as a romance reader and as a representative of Mediagirls, a program that teaches middle-school girls to critique how girls and women are portrayed in mainstream media and to create their own. (How cool is that?)

    And then there were our two librarians, Robin Brenner, who organized and moderated the panel, and Jennifer Webb. Librarians think about books differently from publishers or bookstores: they look at books as a public resource and a public good. This civic-mindedness leads to deep thoughts about the messages that may be carried in books, whether beneficial or detrimental. “50 Shades” has obviously sparked intense debate on the subject.

    Well, and me, there representing the intersection of the real-life BDSM community and the romance writing community, and also a little bit the fanfic writing community, as well. Gee, I get around, don’t I?

    A transcript of the video isn’t currently available, but you can watch the one-hour discussion on Youtube! (There was also a Q&A portion with the audience, but that was not videotaped.)

    A few key highlights:

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    I just spent the past five days soaking up the Florida sun soaking up the intellectual stimulation of the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (aka as ICFA, pronounced “ick-fah”). This is an academic conference that also invites writers and editors in the field of science fiction, fantasy, and horror to be in the mix. It’s a–dare I say–fantastic opportunity to get away from the frozen snowy north be deeply intellectually stimulated. The research papers being read range from close textual readings of fantastic literature to sociopolitical analyses of films, to Marxist deconstruction of video game music, to fan studies and transformative works.

    With such a panoply of choices before me, and no particular agenda, I sampled from many different tracks and topics, and I find myself unable to write one coherent narrative recap. Instead, I’ll resort to that tried and true staple of our age, the Top Ten List.

    I learned:
    1. Elves Must Die
    2. Sexism is Lazy
    3. Magic is Privilege
    4. Cyberpunk is Dated
    5. Shopping is Work
    6. Personal Growth is not Activism
    7. Sidekicks are Oppression
    8. Anthropomorphising is Oppression
    9. Improbable Sexuality is Ironic
    10. God is a Pantser

    Details under the cut:

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    CaraDowney_200pxI’m pleased to host another of the authors I’ll be meeting this August in New York City at BDSM Writers Con. Today’s guest is poet Cara Downey.

    1. How did you get started writing about BDSM?

    CARA DOWNEY:  I was drawn to BDSM and a part of me was always interested in the topic. However, in the beginning, I didn’t know what it was. Then I read The Sweet Series by Maya Banks and that was basically my introduction in to the world of erotic romance and BDSM. It was then that something clicked. I began to devour as much as I could about BDSM… I was reading fiction, non-fiction, while at the same time taking a closer look at my own desires, fantasies etc. In the course of me doing research, I came across BDSM the Naked Truth and BDSM for Writers by Dr. Charley Ferrer. I knew then the time was now for me to write down my own desires fantasies and wants etc. What I learned from reading those two books written by Dr. Ferrer, helped me to understand myself etc. and also helped in shaping my erotic poetry/short stories. I have a lot to learn, but I am really excited about what the future holds for me.

    2. Would you say you’ve learned anything from reading BDSM fiction, romance, or erotica? What were the lessons you gleaned?

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    Oh my goodness the imminent “50 Shades” movie adaptation has people in tizzies from all sides. We have the sex-negative nellies who worry that the Western World’s moral fabric is being torn asunder by the sheer existence of the film. We have the BDSM educators and community activists who fear that the movie is going to make BDSM look rapey and horrible and mis-inform millions of people. We have the fans of the book who fear Hollywood is going to wreck what they love and invite heaps of ridicule on them. And then we have the people who are sniping at anyone expressing an opinion about FSoG because giving this much attention to a movie in the first place is clearly what is wrong with society.

    I have a suggestion for everyone no matter what type of tizzy you’re in, an idea brought up by romance novelist Jenny Trout. Here’s something you can do to make the world a better place. Make a donation to a domestic violence organization or women’s shelter. Feeling guilty that you’re seeing this movie instead of fighting ISIS? Or boycotting the movie? Or just worried that no matter what, this is somehow bad for women? Think of it like offsetting your carbon emissions. Jenny has compiled an excellent and massive list of DV orgs you can donate to here: http://jennytrout.com/?p=8664

    I’d like to talk specifically about an organization I support here in the Boston area: The Network/La Red.

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    Arisia_logoThis year’s Arisia is once again shaping up to be tons of geeky, sexy fun–which is pretty much what this con has been about for over two decades! Last year Arisia was so popular they SOLD OUT, so if you’re planning to go, I strongly suggest pre-registration. I know a fair number of folks who ended up just meeting up for meals in the hotel’s bars and restaurants since they couldn’t get in elsewhere! (The con is January 16-19 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. Rate is $55 now, goes up to $65 on Jan 1st. Friday only passes are $20 IF THE CON ISN’T SOLD OUT.)

    Here’s what I’ll have going on.

    FRIDAY 7pm to 11:15pm (Room # 461 on the party floor): Circlet Press Erotic SF/Fantasy Book Party
    Our traditional gathering to munch on snacks while schmoozing with various Circlet Press editors and authors! Free ebook of choice to first 25 guests to arrive! Come peruse our smorgasbord of smutty science fiction and fantasy novels and anthologies. What’s your kink: elves, transhumanism, dragons, artificial intelligence, steampunk, vampires, etc…? Chances are we’ve got something for you.

    FRIDAY 11:30pm (Hale): EROTICA READING
    This year it’ll be me, Jennifer Williams, and Connie Wilkins! I don’t usually plan in advance what story, genre, or sexuality type I’m going to read. But maaaaybe this year I’ll put up a poll just to see. Since it’s a group reading I’ll only have time to read 1-2 short pieces, so maybe I’ll let you guys vote in advance.

    For once I will get to nerd out about something besides sex, BDSM, or erotica! (Or Harry Potter!) Who knows? Maybe I’ll even make something that can be handed out at the panel using mad science skillz.

    SATURDAY 8:00pm to 1am (Room 461 on the party floor) HOGWARTS ALUMNI REUNION
    The now-traditional annual party for all Potterheads. Wands required for entry. (Muggles welcome if they can convince a witch or wizard to get them through the door…) Not for kids, mostly because we talk about rather adultish things like Harry/Draco/Snape threesomes a lot. This reunion will be sponsored by MISTI-Con! (MISTI-Con 2015 is an immersive Harry Potter fan convention in Laconia, NH, May 21 – 25.)

    I will be on this panel about What Not To Do when one submits a manuscript with an awesome passel of female editors. Check out this all-star lineup: Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (moderator), Joy Marchand, Joy Crelin, Innana Arthen, Hildy Silverman, and me.

    For more info about Arisia, or to register for the con: http://www.arisia.org/

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    So this past weekend was the fabulous Geeky Kink Event in New Jersey, at which I was Perv Laureate. (It’s like poet laureate only kinkier!) On Saturday night I took part in a special Between the Covers erotica reading with Laura Antoniou and D.L. King, hosted by Lori Perkins. (BTC happens twice a month in NYC, once downtown and once uptown.)

    I read two short pieces. The first is a hot scene from The Siren and the Sword (book one of my Magic University series, which just came out in a new edition). In it Kyle gets some help on his Soothsaying homework from his girlfriend, Jess.

    The second is a humorous piece of fanfic I wrote many years ago entitled “Draco the Wonder Ferret.” It’s… I don’t think I can describe it, really. It’s a cracktastic Harry/Draco slash fic. Definitely NSFW and do not be drinking anything in front of your computer while watching this or you may sporfle.

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    slow_surrender_112x150So I came to Atlanta to attend my first Moonlight & Magnolias Conference this weekend. I had a lot of romance industry firsts this year. I attended my first RT Booklovers Convention, my first RWA National, I won my first major industry award (the RT Reviewers Choice award), and lots of good stuff like that.

    The main reason I decided to come to M&M, though, was because SLOW SURRENDER was a finalist in the Maggie Award for Excellence, in the newly offered erotic romance category. And the reason I entered the Maggies in the first place? Was because of how badly everything shook out with the Rita Awards this year.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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