At last I can reveal the new, beautiful cover art for The Prince’s Boy! The very talented cover designer Kanaxa created this and I couldn’t be happier. Look at those gorgeous guys! (Bigger sizes below!)

Dark erotic magic ensnares a prince and his whipping boy in a world of castle intrigue.

The new bundle/box set collects together volumes 1 and 2 into the complete story, and also includes two bonus stories, “Sergetten’s Tale” and “Jorin’s New Spell.” Pre-orders can be placed now and it’ll go live on November 15th.

Pre-order now at: Amazon | Barnes&Noble

Still to come: Kobo | Apple iBooks | Google | Smashwords | etc.

Full description & full size images under the cut:

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I know I’m blogging a lot about my Secrets of a Rock Star series this month because book one launches on Jan 26th, but book two is making a splash this week! Yesterday Ever After Romance revealed the cover for WILD LICKS, but even they haven’t seen the sexy “ebook only” version of the cover!

Below I’ve got the side by side versions, and then below that I also made an animation that transitions from the mild version to the wild version. Va-va-voom!

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Thank you to everyone taking part in the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Volume Eight cover reveal! (Looking at you Gay Book Reviews and Reading Past My Bedtime!) This is volume eight of the ongoing web serial, which is collected into ebooks as each arc of character development is completed.

Volume 8 runs 78,000 words and is available for pre-order right now! Pre-order price is $2.99. Book 8 goes live on November 10th and then the price will jump to the regular $5.99!

Pre-order at:
Barnes & Noble

More info (& the cover art…) below the cut!

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Spellbinding_cover_RGB_iconsizeFirst time in paperback! I’m so excited to bring you the brand new cover design for SPELLBINDING, the anthology of stories set in my Magic University universe, some written by me, many written by other authors and fanfic writers whom I invited to come play in my sandbox. The stories are very erotic and very magical, covering a wide range of characters and sexualities!

And it was your votes that determined who will be on the cover of not only this book but the fourth and final novel in the series, as well! You voted for Master Brandish to appear on the cover of The Poet and the Prophecy, which will wrap up the series in September, and the second place vote, for Damiana Pendragon, we decided to put on the anthology!

Art and giveaway under the cut!

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Cover reveal, and I do mean “reveal”! My next romance from Hachette/Forever is slated to release on January 26, 2016 in both paperback and ebook, and I have not one but TWO amazing cover designs to show you!

As you might expect given my track record, my books have a lot of sex in them. They’re very steamy. TAKING THE LEAD is no exception. It’s a rockstar romance and a BDSM “billionaire” book except this time SHE is the billionaire.

The brilliant thing my publisher has done is create two versions of the cover, a “tame” version (which is still pretty suggestive if you ask me), and a “wild” version. Feast your eyes below the fold:

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I’m super excited to share this new gorgeous cover with you all! The incredible skill and talent of Fox Estacado Arts just blows me away. So here we have book three of the new editions of the Magic University series: The Incubus and the Angel.

The subject of the cover this time is Kyle’s best friend Alex. This is the book that is the most about friendship, ultimately, as not only is Alex’s support crucial to Kyle, but the “friends with benefits” relationship Kyle strikes up to aid Lindy with her magical difficulties blossoms into something special, too.

You can preorder the ebook right now at Amazon (Kindle format) or at Smashwords (epub format), and on April 8 audio and paperback editions will also go live!

This post is also where you can sign up to help me spread the word about the book! If you join my Thunderclap campaign (by linking your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr here: I will thank you with either an erotic story via email or a Magic U sticker (your choice). You can also sign up below to review the book on Amazon or Goodreads, or to host me for a blog tour April 8-16th?

Details, and the cover art of course, below the cut!

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Kyle from Magic University

Okay, I’m having full-on muppetflail about how beautiful this cover is! Seriously! I’m having trouble expressing how perfect it is because when I open my mouth all that comes out is a squeeing sound.

Fortunately, I can still type, though. So later this month we’ll be re-issuing the first of the new editions of the Magic University books! THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, book one, will be out before Halloween from Riverdale Avenue Books!

For those not familiar with them, this is my LGBT New Adult romance/urban fantasy series about the hidden magical university inside Harvard, and the queer goings on there. Like many people’s college years, Kyle’s adventures start out sort of het and “normal”… and they don’t stay that way at all. Kyle’s bisexuality (or maybe pansexuality, since his adventures go beyond gender-based orientation…) is not only a major theme in the later books, it’s might be a key plot point in saving the human race… (*cue epic John Williams soundtrack*)

See the full gorgeous cover in all its glory below the cut!

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