Christmas Magic cover 2016Remember last December when the Magic University digital box set became available? The new piece in that set–a 15,000 word sequel to the series entitled CHRISTMAS MAGIC–is now available to purchase on its own!

I originally wrote the novella as a holiday gift for MU fans to thank them for helping to spread the word about the box set and supporting the series. Christmas Magic is from Frost’s point of view. There is a lot about Frost we don’t see in the MU books because they’re from Kyle’s point of view, although if you’ve read the short stories in Spellbinding you’ve seen a few in Frost’s voice, now.

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    In this novella sequel to the Magic University series, Christmas Magic picks up the tale a few months after the end of The Poet and the Prophecy, at Christmas time.

    And who better to tell a Christmas tale than Frost? After the cataclysmic events that shook the magical world, it’s time for Frost to come to grips with the changes in his magic and his body–with the help of the people who love him most.

    Un-official description:
    That’s right. There’s a Christmas tree, and stockings, and hot cocoa by the fire… but this is a Magic University story, so of course there is also deeply emotional sex and a mystery which fills Frost with existential dread.

    And we get to see a bit of what Kyle and Frost are like as a couple. It’s a 15,000 word novella, only 99 cents, and I hope you enjoy a return to the campus as much as I did!

    Christmas Magic cover 600x900

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  • magic u bundle cover revised 300Woo! The rush of folks to fill up their new e-readers and Kindles has pushed the limited time Magic University bundle into the top 50 in Amazon’s bisexual romance bestseller list! I’m very psyched about this, as you might imagine!

    Reminder to fans who have already read the series, if you just want the bonus novella, Christmas Magic, you can do any a good turn for me or the world and I’ll email it to you free. Details in my earlier post: (tl;dr — write a review, donate to a good cause, get free ebook!)

    For those who are new to the series and trying to figure out what “bisexual romance” means exactly, it’s a bit of an odd category that includes some menage and multi-partner romances, some “switched from one orientation to another” romances, and some flat out porn that may not really be “romance” to some readers but which gets thrown into the list at the Kindle store anyway. What makes the Magic University series bisexual is our hero, Kyle, whose quest for true love brings him through many trials and experiences, including everything from traditional sweet (heterosexual) romance to a kind of four-way poly quad he forms with his best friend and their lovers, to his attraction/obsession with his nemesis/rival.

    Kyle’s true magic is love and the ways he is able to open his heart again and again despite being hurt in the past (and present). With no restrictions on the gender of those whom he loves, that lands him in the bisexual category–and bestseller list–on Amazon.

    Me, I call it new adult erotic fantasy romance and that is already enough adjectives, no?

    Please tell your friends about it now while it’s such a great deal, $9.99 for all six books in the series (five full books plus the new novella)!

    Buy it now from: • All Romance eBooksAmazonSmashwordsB&NKoboiTunes/iBooksRiverdale Avenue Books (publisher website)
    and other favorite retailers.

    The digital box set is only available until February 1st!

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    Some of you have been asking me what the bonus novella in the Magic University digital box set is like. I figure the best way to answer that question is give you all a little taste! But note! SPOILER ALERT! The novella takes place AFTER the series, so you really need to read the series first before you understand what’s going on here and why it matters.

    Info on how to get the novella for free here: on ordering the digital box set that includes it here:

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    magic u bundle cover revised 600

    And now it’s live! This limited-time digital box set includes all the Magic University books (four novels plus an anthology of 17 short stories) plus a special bonus Christmas-themed novella “Christmas Magic” that takes place after the final book!

    The digital box set is only $9.99 (a $35 value), a great gift for anyone who loves erotic romance, magic, and fantasy (yourself included…) whether you have a brand new e-reader to fill or not.

    Buy it now from:
    All Romance eBooks
    Riverdale Avenue Books (publisher website)
    and other favorite retailers.

    The digital box set is only available until February 1st!

    Bisexual new adult college-themed erotic fantasy/paranormal romance — what’s not to love?

    More blurbs of praise etc under the cut:

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    magic u bundle cover revised 300As previously announced, later this week (December 16th) a limited-time digital box set that includes all the Magic University books plus a special bonus Christmas novella “Christmas Magic” will be going live for $9.99 and will only be available until February 1st.

    The set can be purchased from the usual suspects (Amazon | Smashwords |B&N | Kobo and other favorite retailers) but I know a lot of fans already HAVE the whole set except for the bonus novella!

    So here’s how to get just the bonus novella.
    It won’t be sold separately, but I will send it to you as a thank you gift for doing ANY of the following:

    1. Review any of the Magic University books on Amazon
    2. Review any of the Magic University books on Goodreads
    3. Link to the announcement ( from Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
    4. Make a donation to The Network/La Red, a domestic violence advocacy group who support trans, bi, and kinky individuals
    5. Make a donation to the Bisexual Resource Center
    6. Make a donation to any other bisexual or trans advocacy, support, or activism group of your choice.
    7. Send me some Kyle or Frost fanart. :-) (of your own creation — no snarfing other people’s art plz)

    Trade me a screen cap of proof you did any of the above (or a link to the proof) by emailing me at ctan.writer @ with “Magic U bonus” in the subject line and I’ll email you back the novella as an ePub or mobi/Kindle file! Sound good?

    It’s Christmas at Gladius House but Frost isn’t feeling very festive. Kyle will do anything he can, though, to set Frost’s world alight. The novella runs 15,000 words and contains erotic scenes.

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    magic u bundle cover revised 600

    Going live on December 16th, a limited-time digital box set offer that includes all the Magic University books plus a special bonus Christmas novella “Christmas Magic” that takes place after the final book!

    The digital box set is only $9.99 (a $35 value), a great gift for anyone who loves erotic romance, magic, and fantasy (yourself included…) whether you have a brand new e-reader to fill or not.

    Pre-order the set until December 16th (or order it thereafter) at:
    Amazon | Smashwords |B&N | Kobo
    and other favorite retailers.

    The digital box set is only available until February 1st!

    “Tan has long been one of the foremost voices in writing and publishing erotic sci-fi and fantasy. With her New Adult paranormal romance Magic University series, Tan combines her favorite elements from the Harry Potter books with LGBT characters and eroticism. Her protagonist Kyle Wadsworth, studying at the secret magical university Veritas, learns to harness sex magic to combat sirens and prophecies alike. With Kyle starting out knowing less than Jon Snow, he experiences the kind of in-depth sexual apprenticeship that Anastasia Steele should have learned at the hands of Christian Grey.”—

    “Magic adds a level of spice to Kyle’s journey. … There are many very sensual scenes in the story, with a final scene that is a climax in a lot of interesting ways. The Magic University series looks like it’s going to be a fun ride with lots of eroticism. The Siren and the Sword is a delicious start.”
–Paranormal Romance Reviews

    “Magic University has a good storyline, and the types of magic used are very innovative and set it apart from other books of this genre. Though at times the author alludes to what is going to possibly happen, she does a wonderful job of keeping the reader guessing right up until the end. … Ms. Tan has done an outstanding job of feeding my Harry Potter obsession in a very adult fashion.” — Book Wenches

    “Joining Kyle as he experienced many rites of passage, both ordinary and magical, was a delight. It was such a treat to escape to Veritas. The world of “magic users” is enticing and I look forward to spending more time at Veritas. Count me in for the whole series, it’s just that good.” — Manic Readers Reviews


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    Whew! And here we are at long last, with the release of the final book in the Magic University book series, The Poet and the Prophecy! Kyle’s quest for true love will finally come to an end! But will the universe end, too?


    On Sale Now!

    MU4_Poet_Prophecy_cover_200x300The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four
    by Cecilia Tan
    Riverdale Avenue Books Pub date: September 15, 2015
    ISBN 978-1-62601-123-6 (paperback) $16.99
    ISBN 978-1-62601-124-3 (digital) $6.99
    Page count: 318
    Word count: 106,041

    Links to buy (will update as various sites go live): Amazon ebookAmazon paperbackAudio | Smashwords ebook | Kobo | iTunes | AllRomance ebooks | B& | Indiebound independent bookstores: paperback

    Read an excerpt!

    RT Magazine featured a hot excerpt from the book in their Hump Day Wednesday feature:

    Facebook party today! (Sept. 15th)

    Today I’ll be hosting a party on Facebook to celebrate! I’ll be hosting from 4-5pm and 11-midnight, with other new adult college-setting authors in the hours in between. I’ll be giving away full sets of the ebooks to some party-goers who comment on the event page. Drop by here:

    In related news! The Nobilis Erotica podcast did an audio version of one of the short stories from Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University! They did Frances Selkirk’s “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” which fills in a bit of what Kyle and Alex got up to between Kyle’s freshman and sophomore years. Listen here:

    I’ll be doing a plethora of guest posts and interviews this week of course. Some of them are starting to appear already:

    SF Signal: On Writing Multi-Genre Fiction

    Thank you everyone who has stuck with me through the ups and downs of this series, the change of publisher, and everything in between!

    Here’s the official description of THE POET AND THE PROPHECY:

    Kyle Wadsworth has mastered sex magic, dreamwalking, and even poetry in his years at Veritas. But in this conclusion to the Magic University series of new adult paranormal fantasy romance, Kyle begins his senior year full of doubt. Will the dire ancient prophecy he has been studying come true if Kyle cannot find true love? The signs of the Burning Days seem to be everywhere—odd storms, earthquakes, and people losing their magic—and though Kyle has many loving friends and eager acquaintances, he has no true love in sight. The only person in Kyle’s heart is Frost, and the last time they laid eyes on each other, it didn’t end well.

    Frost has a troubled past and deep secrets. Kyle begins to hope, though, when it appears he and Frost will be in a class together. A poetry class. Maybe Frost will start to thaw after all, though Kyle has a long way to go from nemesis to lover. If the prophecy speaks true, our hero will need love to keep the world, his friends, and himself from losing magic forever.

    “The Magic University books really need to be read all together to be understood. You should definitely grab all four books and get comfortable – you’re in for an exciting ride! The Poet and the Prophecy is a satisfying conclusion to the series, and one that adult Harry Potter fans will no doubt enjoy.” —Lucy Felthouse, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    “I love that in The Poet and The Prophecy Kyle needs to draw on everything about himself to succeed, from his talent as a poet to his bisexuality. How often do bisexuals get to save the world in books? Kyle accomplishes things that a ‘typical’ straight hero would fail at, including the ‘enemies to lovers’ relationship we’ve all been waiting for since book one.” –BookPost

    “Tan has long been one of the foremost voices in writing and publishing erotic sci-fi and fantasy. With her New Adult paranormal romance Magic University series, Tan combines her favorite elements from the Harry Potter books with LGBT characters and eroticism. Her protagonist Kyle Wadsworth, studying at the secret magical university Veritas, learns to harness sex magic to combat sirens and prophecies alike. With Kyle starting out knowing less than Jon Snow, he experiences the kind of in-depth sexual apprenticeship that Anastasia Steele should have learned at the hands of Christian Grey.” —

    “Very nice series of books that I look forward to rereading some day. The frequent description of ‘Harry Potter for Adults’ made me fear it would be totally derivative, but it really wasn’t.” —BookLikes

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    Spellbinding_cover_RGB_iconsizeFirst time in paperback! I’m so excited to bring you the brand new cover design for SPELLBINDING, the anthology of stories set in my Magic University universe, some written by me, many written by other authors and fanfic writers whom I invited to come play in my sandbox. The stories are very erotic and very magical, covering a wide range of characters and sexualities!

    And it was your votes that determined who will be on the cover of not only this book but the fourth and final novel in the series, as well! You voted for Master Brandish to appear on the cover of The Poet and the Prophecy, which will wrap up the series in September, and the second place vote, for Damiana Pendragon, we decided to put on the anthology!

    Art and giveaway under the cut!

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    ceciliatan: (default)
    ( Apr. 14th, 2015 11:45 am)

    Incubus-Angel-200x300Today I guestblogged over at the site of Jana Richards as part of my blog tour for The Incubus and the Angel.

    My topic is “Consent it Sexy.”

    “I think consent is sexy. One of the things that turns me on the most, both in a lover in my real life and in the books I like to read and write, is communication between partners. Consent is about negotiating likes, wants, needs, and boundaries between lovers. Finding out how the key fits into the lock, the magic fit between the two main characters, is the key to any romance novel and I love to see how people get there,” I wrote.

    Of course the lack of consent in some romance novels is one of the reasons some criticize the genre and fear it is harmful to women. I point out in the blog post that fantasies about being ravished or “overwhelmed by unstoppable male desire” are valid fantasies to have. Readers do understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

    In The Incubus and the Angel I make that force of “unstoppable male desire” an actual magical force that has real consequences in the world, though! And therein lies the central idea of “the incubus” that brings erotic dreams in the night.

    Read the whole essay here:

    magic u forthcoming banner

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    You know how Amazon pages always give you a strip of suggestions that says “Customers Who Bought {this thing} also bought:” ?

    Here’s the strip that is appearing on the newly launched page for The Incubus and the Angel! It’s very good that it lists the other two books in the Magic University series, but its the other books that have me so curious! The other books are a few by Terry Pratchett, and the latest from Max Gladstone! Max and I cross paths a lot in science fiction circles: we competed in the same Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition and this very book of his listed on Amazon is in my to-be-read pile right now!

    And Marie Brennan’s “A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent” looks like it needs to be added to my TBR pile, too. I guess my readers have good taste!

    It’s nice to be in good company.


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    Today is launch day for The Incubus and the Angel, book 3 in the Magic University series, and as part of the celebration, Riverdale Avenue Books is giving away copies of all three Magic U books available to this point! The giveaways are on Goodreads:
    The Siren and the Sword:
    The Tower and the Tears:
    The Incubus and the Angel:

    magic u forthcoming banner

    Widgets below the cut!

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    Incubus-Angel-200x300It’s launch day for the new edition of THE INCUBUS AND THE ANGEL: Book Three in the Magic University Series! I’m so pleased once again to have brand new cover art from the fantastic Fox Estacado Arts.

    The ebook, audiobook, and paperback editions should all be live now from all your favorite online retailers, and your favorite local booksellers should be able to order copies if they don’t have it in stock!
    Print ISBN: 978-1-62601-121-2 • Paperback $16.99
    Digital ISBN: 978-1-62601-122-9 • Ebook $6.99

    AmazonSmashwordsB&NAllRomance ebooksiTunes • Indiebound (forthcoming once bookstores start carrying the book)

    Under the cut, an excerpt from the book and a large size version of the cover:

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    magic u cover poll

    Okay, folks, with the release of The Incubus and the Angel (Book 3) forthcoming on April 8, it’s time to figure out who should go on the cover of book 4 in the Magic University Series: The Poet and the Prophecy.

    A couple of things to consider:

    This far the covers have shown:
    Kyle: the main character of the whole series
    Frost: Kyle’s main antagonist
    Alex: Kyle’s best friend

    Should we consider repeating Kyle, who is the main character of the whole series of course, to finish the set?

    All the characters shown so far are male. I realize that masculinity and male sexual power are central themes of this series so I’m not against having all male characters appear, but the question of diversity is worth asking. Is it time for a female character?

    Another thought is that we will also be doing the a new cover for the anthology of MU short stories, Spellbinding, so whoever doesn’t end up on this book could end up on that one. :-)

    I’ve restricted the choices to people who have reasonably significant roles to play in the book. (Caitlyn Speyer, for example, already graduated so she can’t be on this book. And some of the new characters here are fun, like Persy and Vish and Indra, but they don’t get much screen time…)

    Comments welcome and please vote in the poll! (Click to go to poll if embedded on doesn’t show up:

    Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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    I’m super excited to share this new gorgeous cover with you all! The incredible skill and talent of Fox Estacado Arts just blows me away. So here we have book three of the new editions of the Magic University series: The Incubus and the Angel.

    The subject of the cover this time is Kyle’s best friend Alex. This is the book that is the most about friendship, ultimately, as not only is Alex’s support crucial to Kyle, but the “friends with benefits” relationship Kyle strikes up to aid Lindy with her magical difficulties blossoms into something special, too.

    You can preorder the ebook right now at Amazon (Kindle format) or at Smashwords (epub format), and on April 8 audio and paperback editions will also go live!

    This post is also where you can sign up to help me spread the word about the book! If you join my Thunderclap campaign (by linking your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr here: I will thank you with either an erotic story via email or a Magic U sticker (your choice). You can also sign up below to review the book on Amazon or Goodreads, or to host me for a blog tour April 8-16th?

    Details, and the cover art of course, below the cut!

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    MU1_new_cover_100x150My publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books, says The Siren and the Sword (book one of the Magic University series) is on sale today for only 99 cents! It’s at the sale price on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble!

    So if you’ve been meaning to start this series, here’s your chance to get started for under a buck. The sale is supposed to run for 24 hours and then it’ll go back to regular price of $6.99.

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    Tower-and-Tears_Amazon_200I. AM. EXCITE.

    Riverdale Avenue Books is re-releasing my new adult paranormal series, Magic University, in brand new editions, with new completely new cover art. The books are coming out in ebook, paperback, and audiobook and book two in the series will go live the week of January 20th!

    If you’d like to help me spread the word about the new book, please please join my Thunderclap by linking your twitter, facebook, or tumblr to the announcement which will go off once and only once on January 20th! Join up here:

    Pre-orders for the ebook can be made on Amazon right here:

    For my fandom followers, this is the series that is my answer to Harry Potter. It’s a university where sex magic is the most powerful subject and that means our hero Kyle can’t exactly ignore his sexuality (or his bisexuality) when he’s trying to save the world.

    This cover depicts Timothy Frost, Kyle’s nemesis.

    And now, the fantastic and amazing art! Click on the thumbnail to see it full size (or just look under the cut):

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    **Deadline is passed! Thank you all for playing! I’ll plan to make this offer again in a few months!**

    The fanfic roots of my Magic University series are pretty clear, I think: who in Harry Potter fandom didn’t wonder what college would be like for wizards and witches? Although I have all original characters and an original magical system, the MU books are by a fan (me), for fans (*waves to LJ flist*), and happen to be liked by lots of other readers, too.

    One of the most exciting and important developments during my time in HP fandom has been the creation and growth of the OTW: Organization for Transformative Works. If you’re not familiar with the OTW, you should be. The OTW, plain and simple, fights for the rights of fans to create fanworks. They are a bastion against the mishandling and misconduct that corporations and literary estates are prone to as they overreach on what copyright entitles them to. (Did you see that the Doyle estate finally was forced to accept that Holmes and Watson are in the public domain?)

    And fanworks are in the news a lot these days (you might have noticed that 50 SHADES OF GREY, which began life as a fanfic, turned the publishing industry completely inside out last year, while AFTER, a One Direction fic from Wattpad, sold to a NYC publisher for six figures…). I believe that as corporations realize there is money to be made and material to be exploited, the right of fans to create transformative works is one that will need to be defended even more zealously than it was when they were just calling us “pirates” and “molesters” for doing it.

    The OTW also operates The Archive of Our Own, a fanworks and fanfic archive. Anyone who has ever had a fanwork TOS’d or DMCA’d off a site like YouTube or Livejournal knows the value in having an online repository that is owned by us, not by some tech company.

    I’ve been a paying member of the OTW for years. This year I decided to go a step further, and with the blessing of the OTW’s membership and development folks, I cooked up the following plan.

    **Deadline is passed! Thank you all for playing! I’ll plan to make this offer again in a few months!**

    Join the OTW or renew your membership for $10 or more before 12 noon eastern time tomorrow and I will give you a free ebook copy of THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, the first of the books in the Magic University series. AND, the first five people who respond with a donation of $25 or more will get either a signed copy of the book in paperback OR a free audiobook download from! Your choice!

    To participate, go to the OTW website (, go through the Paypal button there to process your donation via credit card or from a Paypal account. Then forward your Paypal receipt, which you should get in email, to me at ctan.writer @ gmail dot com. That’s it! I’ll reply with your reward!

    Please feel free to spread this offer around to anyone you know who might enjoy a magical new adult erotic romance, or who might enjoy supporting the rights of fans to create fanworks, or ideally both. :-)

    Remember! Deadline is tomorrow, Friday November 21st at 12 noon! (Eastern US time!)

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    I guest blogged this time at the online home of Catherine Lundoff, award-winning author of fantasy and alternative sexuality books like A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories and Silver Moon, and editor of Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories and co-editor, with JoSelle Vanderhooft, of Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic.

    The topic I decided to tackle: equality of gender representation.

    I wrote about how for me it started with the world-building and things I did in my magical system to balance gender roles: “Many real-life sacred and magical systems create special roles for women (i.e. “Earth mother”) while fiction and literature as a whole tend to give male characters agency but not always female ones. While I made it that some things are easier [in my magic system] if one is biologically equipped in certain ways, it’s not a requirement–i.e. if your sex spell requires a phallus for ritual purposes, no one said it had to be a biological one.”

    But what about the question of gender-balancing in the cast? My main character is male, after all…

    MU1_new_cover_100x150I wrote: “Geena Davis founded a think tank in Hollywood to study representation of female characters and they found that in crowd scenes there would only be 17% women. Another study showed that in real-life groups of people if there were 17% women and you asked the men how many there were, they would say the group was 50/50. Whereas if you had 33% women, they would say there was a majority of women. They also found that 17% of cardiac surgeons and tenured professors were women. “Is it possible that 17 percent women has become so comfortable, and so normal, that that’s just sort of unconsciously expected?” Davis on NPR. ( When I heard that I panicked. I had been striving for racial and ethnic diversity among the characters, but I couldn’t remember what the gender balance was. Might I have unconsciously shorted the women’s ranks?”

    Go on over to Catherine’s blog to see the results and please leave a comment there if you found the essay thought-provoking!

    Gender Equality at Magic University

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    MU1_new_cover_100x150It’s Halloween time, and Day of the Dead, and the time when magic is strongest, at least that’s what I wrote in the Magic University books! In honor of the brand new edition of The Siren and the Sword (book one) coming out, I thought I would treat you all to a sweet excerpt!

    Kyle has arrived at Harvard to discover he’s magical and belongs in the hidden magical university on the campus. Thrust suddenly into a curriculum he’s never studied before, Kyle finds some subjects more challenging than others. But here’s his girlfriend Jess to help him study…

    (Scene after the cut! I did say NSFW, right?)

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Kyle from Magic University

    Okay, I’m having full-on muppetflail about how beautiful this cover is! Seriously! I’m having trouble expressing how perfect it is because when I open my mouth all that comes out is a squeeing sound.

    Fortunately, I can still type, though. So later this month we’ll be re-issuing the first of the new editions of the Magic University books! THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, book one, will be out before Halloween from Riverdale Avenue Books!

    For those not familiar with them, this is my LGBT New Adult romance/urban fantasy series about the hidden magical university inside Harvard, and the queer goings on there. Like many people’s college years, Kyle’s adventures start out sort of het and “normal”… and they don’t stay that way at all. Kyle’s bisexuality (or maybe pansexuality, since his adventures go beyond gender-based orientation…) is not only a major theme in the later books, it’s might be a key plot point in saving the human race… (*cue epic John Williams soundtrack*)

    See the full gorgeous cover in all its glory below the cut!

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