Tower-and-Tears_Amazon_200I. AM. EXCITE.

Riverdale Avenue Books is re-releasing my new adult paranormal series, Magic University, in brand new editions, with new completely new cover art. The books are coming out in ebook, paperback, and audiobook and book two in the series will go live the week of January 20th!

If you’d like to help me spread the word about the new book, please please join my Thunderclap by linking your twitter, facebook, or tumblr to the announcement which will go off once and only once on January 20th! Join up here:

Pre-orders for the ebook can be made on Amazon right here:

For my fandom followers, this is the series that is my answer to Harry Potter. It’s a university where sex magic is the most powerful subject and that means our hero Kyle can’t exactly ignore his sexuality (or his bisexuality) when he’s trying to save the world.

This cover depicts Timothy Frost, Kyle’s nemesis.

And now, the fantastic and amazing art! Click on the thumbnail to see it full size (or just look under the cut):

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Arisia_logoThis year’s Arisia is once again shaping up to be tons of geeky, sexy fun–which is pretty much what this con has been about for over two decades! Last year Arisia was so popular they SOLD OUT, so if you’re planning to go, I strongly suggest pre-registration. I know a fair number of folks who ended up just meeting up for meals in the hotel’s bars and restaurants since they couldn’t get in elsewhere! (The con is January 16-19 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. Rate is $55 now, goes up to $65 on Jan 1st. Friday only passes are $20 IF THE CON ISN’T SOLD OUT.)

Here’s what I’ll have going on.

FRIDAY 7pm to 11:15pm (Room # 461 on the party floor): Circlet Press Erotic SF/Fantasy Book Party
Our traditional gathering to munch on snacks while schmoozing with various Circlet Press editors and authors! Free ebook of choice to first 25 guests to arrive! Come peruse our smorgasbord of smutty science fiction and fantasy novels and anthologies. What’s your kink: elves, transhumanism, dragons, artificial intelligence, steampunk, vampires, etc…? Chances are we’ve got something for you.

This year it’ll be me, Jennifer Williams, and Connie Wilkins! I don’t usually plan in advance what story, genre, or sexuality type I’m going to read. But maaaaybe this year I’ll put up a poll just to see. Since it’s a group reading I’ll only have time to read 1-2 short pieces, so maybe I’ll let you guys vote in advance.

For once I will get to nerd out about something besides sex, BDSM, or erotica! (Or Harry Potter!) Who knows? Maybe I’ll even make something that can be handed out at the panel using mad science skillz.

SATURDAY 8:00pm to 1am (Room 461 on the party floor) HOGWARTS ALUMNI REUNION
The now-traditional annual party for all Potterheads. Wands required for entry. (Muggles welcome if they can convince a witch or wizard to get them through the door…) Not for kids, mostly because we talk about rather adultish things like Harry/Draco/Snape threesomes a lot. This reunion will be sponsored by MISTI-Con! (MISTI-Con 2015 is an immersive Harry Potter fan convention in Laconia, NH, May 21 – 25.)

I will be on this panel about What Not To Do when one submits a manuscript with an awesome passel of female editors. Check out this all-star lineup: Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (moderator), Joy Marchand, Joy Crelin, Innana Arthen, Hildy Silverman, and me.

For more info about Arisia, or to register for the con:

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**Deadline is passed! Thank you all for playing! I’ll plan to make this offer again in a few months!**

The fanfic roots of my Magic University series are pretty clear, I think: who in Harry Potter fandom didn’t wonder what college would be like for wizards and witches? Although I have all original characters and an original magical system, the MU books are by a fan (me), for fans (*waves to LJ flist*), and happen to be liked by lots of other readers, too.

One of the most exciting and important developments during my time in HP fandom has been the creation and growth of the OTW: Organization for Transformative Works. If you’re not familiar with the OTW, you should be. The OTW, plain and simple, fights for the rights of fans to create fanworks. They are a bastion against the mishandling and misconduct that corporations and literary estates are prone to as they overreach on what copyright entitles them to. (Did you see that the Doyle estate finally was forced to accept that Holmes and Watson are in the public domain?)

And fanworks are in the news a lot these days (you might have noticed that 50 SHADES OF GREY, which began life as a fanfic, turned the publishing industry completely inside out last year, while AFTER, a One Direction fic from Wattpad, sold to a NYC publisher for six figures…). I believe that as corporations realize there is money to be made and material to be exploited, the right of fans to create transformative works is one that will need to be defended even more zealously than it was when they were just calling us “pirates” and “molesters” for doing it.

The OTW also operates The Archive of Our Own, a fanworks and fanfic archive. Anyone who has ever had a fanwork TOS’d or DMCA’d off a site like YouTube or Livejournal knows the value in having an online repository that is owned by us, not by some tech company.

I’ve been a paying member of the OTW for years. This year I decided to go a step further, and with the blessing of the OTW’s membership and development folks, I cooked up the following plan.

**Deadline is passed! Thank you all for playing! I’ll plan to make this offer again in a few months!**

Join the OTW or renew your membership for $10 or more before 12 noon eastern time tomorrow and I will give you a free ebook copy of THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, the first of the books in the Magic University series. AND, the first five people who respond with a donation of $25 or more will get either a signed copy of the book in paperback OR a free audiobook download from! Your choice!

To participate, go to the OTW website (, go through the Paypal button there to process your donation via credit card or from a Paypal account. Then forward your Paypal receipt, which you should get in email, to me at ctan.writer @ gmail dot com. That’s it! I’ll reply with your reward!

Please feel free to spread this offer around to anyone you know who might enjoy a magical new adult erotic romance, or who might enjoy supporting the rights of fans to create fanworks, or ideally both. :-)

Remember! Deadline is tomorrow, Friday November 21st at 12 noon! (Eastern US time!)

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Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae were gracious enough to invite me to write a guest blog at Avian 30. I originally met Racheline through Harry Potter fandom, and as those of you who were at my erotica reading at the Geeky Kink Event–or who saw the video of it on YouTube–know that I write Harry Potter fanfic for fun. So I tackled the subject of writing fanfic in my guest blog.

Racheline writes, “So often, when we talk about fanfiction I feel like that discussion is defensive, fearful, or defeatist — there are certainly incredibly good reasons in the history of fanfiction culture for this to be the case. Cecilia’s take is refreshing, because it’s not about that at all. It’s about different ways to tell stories and what it’s like when the world finally catches up with what you love.”

What, I wrote about love? Grin. Of course I did.

MU1_new_cover_100x150“Yep, these days fanfic is not just considered “cool,” it’s red-hot mainstream,” I wrote. “Which puts writers like me in the odd position of being like those hipsters who were doing something ‘before it got big.’ Unlike those hipsters, though, I don’t complain about people discovering our ‘secret.’ We weren’t TRYING to create an elitist cabal that others would long to join. Fanfic writers are the intersection of two of the nerdiest groups on Earth: writers and fans. I don’t think most of us thought of ourselves as ‘the cool kids,’ we were just doing something we love! But these days even nerddom is going mainstream: certainly fandom is.”

In the essay I talk about how fandom’s “arrival” at the same time as widespread acceptance of certain gay rights (a la marriage) and the sudden mainstreaming of BDSM (a la 50 Shades of Grey) is NOT A COINCIDENCE. They’re all part of my fight and my peers’ fight for the right to wear our hearts on our sleeves, to not hide what we love or how.

“Fandom is about love, intense intense love, with dashes of deep devotion and maybe even some obsessive need. Fanfic is about expressing that love–which results in some intense intense fiction, incredible emotional rollercoasters–and about satisfying that need. That sounds like exactly the recipe one should follow to cook up a bestselling romance novel, doesn’t it?”

Go on over to to read the whole thing and comment if you agree or disagree!

Confessions of a Fanfic Hipster

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So this past weekend was the fabulous Geeky Kink Event in New Jersey, at which I was Perv Laureate. (It’s like poet laureate only kinkier!) On Saturday night I took part in a special Between the Covers erotica reading with Laura Antoniou and D.L. King, hosted by Lori Perkins. (BTC happens twice a month in NYC, once downtown and once uptown.)

I read two short pieces. The first is a hot scene from The Siren and the Sword (book one of my Magic University series, which just came out in a new edition). In it Kyle gets some help on his Soothsaying homework from his girlfriend, Jess.

The second is a humorous piece of fanfic I wrote many years ago entitled “Draco the Wonder Ferret.” It’s… I don’t think I can describe it, really. It’s a cracktastic Harry/Draco slash fic. Definitely NSFW and do not be drinking anything in front of your computer while watching this or you may sporfle.

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Earlier today, J.K. Rowling got everyone’s knickers in a twist when the news broke that, in an interview conducted by Emma Watson (the actress who played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies) for Wonderland, Rowling said that Hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron. (See the story on Hypable.)

With that one statement, Rowling torpedoes not only the one love relationship in the series that she took time and care to really set up (Ron/Hermione), but sinks Harry/Ginny as well. I’ve always felt that the epilogue was forced onto the books. She says she wrote the epilogue first and kept it as a beacon to guide her through the whole series, knowing that the Jane Austen-esque double wedding was waiting at the end.

One of the reasons this particular announcement is causing so much uproar, though, I feel, is that the romantic elements of the Harry Potter books were among the weakest and most ripe for criticism. Reasons below.

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