Mirrored from the latest entry in Daron's Guitar Chronicles.

Character Overview

This callout is for characters who play smaller roles in DGC – mostly introduced via other more significant characters .

Initial Callout


Antonio Reyes is hired as security personnel for Moondog Three after problems arise on tour.

Dennis Haysbert [Agent – Bill]

Michael Clarke Duncan [Agent – Bonnie]

LL Cool [Agent – Sanders]

Lacey Montaigne

Lacey Montaign is a supermodel who starts dating Christian after a photoshoot. Her real name is Karen.

Naomi Campbell [Agent – Bonnie]

Upstairs neighbors

Jerry and Robert are the upstairs neighbors of Daron and Jonathon. The first committed gay couple that knowingly Daron meets.

Timothy White [Agent – Bonnie]

Bob Mould [Agent – Bonnie]



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