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Character overview

Daron Marks is the main character of the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. Daron narrates the story. He’s a guitarist who escaped New Jersey after high school graduation by going to music school in Rhode Island.

Daron takes us on both a professional and emotional journey throughout the story. We get to know Daron through his own words and occasionally through another person POV. We also hear about Daron’s early life and are looking for an actor that can play a younger Daron for these flashback scenes.

Daron is a prodigy on the guitar – an actor who can play guitar is an advantage, but not at the expense of the ability to convey emotional depth through minimal dialogue.

Initial callout


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I’m so excited that a project I’ve been working on for almost a year is having its debut next week!
Geek Actually is a fiction serial I’ve co-written with Cathy Yardley, Melissa Blue, and Rachel Stuhler for Serial Box Publishing. The official tagline is:

Sex and the City for the modern geek girl. Follows the lives of five diverse, geeky women as they navigate work, love, life, and the internet.

It’ll be in text and in audio formats! The first episode (titled WTF) premieres June 7, 2017, with a new installment every Wednesday until the season finale on August 30. Episodes can be purchased individually at any time for $1.99, but Season Passes at Serial Box allow readers to pay for an entire serial upfront at a discount – $19.99 includes all 13 episodes in both text and audio (about $1.53 per episode).

You can read it via the Serial Box app on iOS or Android or subscribe through their website here. Or the individual episodes can be pre-ordered/purchased from:

Serial BoxAmazonBarnes & NobleApple iTunes • and other usual places ebooks and audiobooks are sold!


Before publication there’s a sneak peek of vignettes of the main characters here: http://bit.ly/get-GEEK-early

Smart Bitches Trashy Books published a preview excerpt: http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/2017/04/geek-actually-cover-debut-excerpt/

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