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I am not sure grunge can be truly appreciated by anyone who didn’t have their formative years in the overproduced musical wasteland that were the 80s. It’s hard to appreciate the contrast if grunge happened before your teenage years or after you stopped identifying yourself by your choice in music. Grunge is Gen X. For me, it started with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, but I remember coming home one day in 1991 and being greeted by my then-boyfriend blasting ‘Rusty Cage’ from Badmotorfinger. (My 2015 homage to Rusty Cage was linked last week). Of all the grunge bands that I have loved since then, Soundgarden is my favorite. Chris Cornell’s voice hit me in the gut in a way that Eddie Vedder’s never did. And Chris’s death is hitting me in ways that Cobain’s and Staley’s didn’t.

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