Kyle from Magic University

Okay, I’m having full-on muppetflail about how beautiful this cover is! Seriously! I’m having trouble expressing how perfect it is because when I open my mouth all that comes out is a squeeing sound.

Fortunately, I can still type, though. So later this month we’ll be re-issuing the first of the new editions of the Magic University books! THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, book one, will be out before Halloween from Riverdale Avenue Books!

For those not familiar with them, this is my LGBT New Adult romance/urban fantasy series about the hidden magical university inside Harvard, and the queer goings on there. Like many people’s college years, Kyle’s adventures start out sort of het and “normal”… and they don’t stay that way at all. Kyle’s bisexuality (or maybe pansexuality, since his adventures go beyond gender-based orientation…) is not only a major theme in the later books, it’s might be a key plot point in saving the human race… (*cue epic John Williams soundtrack*)

See the full gorgeous cover in all its glory below the cut!

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