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( Jun. 7th, 2014 09:00 am)

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I had a lot of time to think in the cab. We were in traffic for over an hour trying to get to the Upper East Side. I hadn’t known where the hotel was, and neither had the cab driver, and I’d stupidly caught a cab headed downtown, which meant while the driver talked with his dispatcher about where the hotel was we went south for quite a while. Sounded to me like the dispatcher looked it up in the phone book. I hoped we were going the right place.

Nothing like an hour-plus of worrying to undermine a guy’s confidence. By the time we pulled up at the hotel I was about ready to crawl out of my own skin. The fare was outrageously expensive but I didn’t care. I handed the driver a few twenties as the doorman opened the door on the curb side.

He gave me a much more gracious “Welcome to the Carlyle” than I expected to get, given that I was wearing torn jeans and a denim jacket.

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You readers were extremely awesome this week, banding together to make donations to trigger the post that just went live this morning. (“Here I Am”: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/3382)

But I know that after reading that post, you’re going to really, really want ANOTHER bonus post. Because it’s been so long since certain people saw each other. And it’s been a long time since we had a Sunday post, you know? I don’t want to ask for more money, since you guys already ponied up. So how about this:

I’ll post ANOTHER post tomorrow if you guys can amass 50 “fan points.” You get 1 point for every social media post praising DGC & linking to us -Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, G+, LiveJournal, etc- 1 point for any new Amazon, Goodreads, or Audible.com review of any DGC book or ebook, and 1 point for every comment you leave quoting your favorite lines from DGC.

Let’s amass all the comments on the current story post so folks can see the progress: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/3382

Leave a comment for each action you take, and if you can include a link or a screencap as proof, ok? (If you can’t, do your best to tell me how to find it to verify.)

OK? So EACH social media post counts for one point. A single person posting to 5 places would be 5 points! Remember to include links back to DGC!

EACH new review left on Amazon or Goodreads or Audible.com counts as a point. Post the same review on both Amazon and Goodreads and it counts both times!

And EACH quotable, pithy favorite line you leave in comments counts for one. For example:

This would be worth one: From 232.New Gold Dream: “Were you up all night?” I asked Ziggy. “It’s hard to tell when you’ve got bags under your eyes versus when it’s just smudged eyeliner.”

And this would be another one: From 227.Knock Me down: I’d never really wondered until that moment, hearing my words sung back to me, if maybe I was as bad for him as he was for me.

Go nuts, y’all! I’ve got the post in the queue already and can bump it up from Tuesday to Sunday real easy…!

UPDATE: As of 7pm we’re about halfway there!

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