Mirrored from the latest entry in Daron's Guitar Chronicles.

Character Overview

Ziggy Ferias is a singer, performer, “orphan vampire child.” (His last name sometimes spelled as Farias).

Ziggy is a significant figure in the story, both musically and as Daron’s love interest. Ziggy is charismatic, talented and difficult. We see him through Daron’s eyes except for a brief POV change where Ziggy takes over as narrator.

A talented singer would be ideal but (as with Daron), the charisma and ability to work with a range of complex motivations is as desirable as musical talent.

Initial Callout


Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Amber B]

Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Amber B]

Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Amber B]

Mitch Grassi [Agent – Amber B]

Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Chris]

Mitch Grassi [Agent – Amber B]

Mitch Grassi [Agent – Amber B]

Luke Spiller [Agent – Kerri]

Carlos Gallardo [Agent – Bonnie]

Christopher McCroy [Agent – Lena]

Orlando Bloom [Agent – Bonnie]

Sahid Kapoor [Agent – Stephanie]

Shaun Fleming [Agent – Bonnie]

Jesse Rath [Agent – Sanders]

Dave Navarro [Agent – Stephanie]

Dave Navarro [Agent – Stephanie]

Dave Navarro [Agent – Stephanie]

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