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Today’s fanpost is different because today is different. For those who haven’t seen the news, Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog, died yesterday. You can read more about it and him here.

Lena offered her own Tumblr post for sharing, and there’s a bit of a mourning thread that’s developed on the previous regular DGC post, but feel free to offer your thoughts here.

I’d planned to do a post of live cover performances today, and Cornell’s take on “Billie Jean” was on my list. Instead, I offer three acoustic performances by Chris from various times in his career.

The first was originally performed by Mad Season, fronted by Layne Staley, and which included Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog. The second was written by Prince, recorded by Sinead O’Connor, and covered by dozens of musicians in the wake of Prince’s death. Cornell’s version predates that, and, at the time, was simply a beautiful cover. Today, it feels much heavier to me. The third song was initially written and performed by Chris Cornell as part of Temple of the Dog and written in tribute to Andrew Wood, another musician fundamental to forming the grunge scene in Seattle.

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