June 2015
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10:00 am

Teardrop Explodes

10:00 am

Head On

07:41 pm

Slow Satisfaction is a finalist in the Passionate Plume Awards!

08:05 pm

An Angelic Weekend at the Big Ballpark in the Bronx

10:00 am

Memes and more memes… by Stef

10:00 am

State Farm

10:00 am

Cover reveal & excerpt! Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University

10:00 am

Quotes. And more quotes by Chris K.

10:00 am

Food porn: Strawberry basil balsamic pie recipe

10:00 am

Message of Love

10:00 am

I went chasing the aurora… and caught it!

10:00 am

Five Fun Freebies by Lenalena

04:11 pm

Women in Baseball Panel at #SABR45

02:22 pm

White Sox Player Panel at #SABR45

06:57 pm

Masanori Murakami speaks at #SABR45



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