May 2015
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12:12 pm

My publisher has made Slow Surrender 99 cents until May 25!

10:00 am

Don’t Change

10:00 am

Devil in Her Heart by Bonnie Sinnock

10:00 am

Where to find me at RT Booklovers – updated! #RT15

10:00 am

Joy Division

08:55 am

Cover reveal! Taking The Lead – rockstar romance

04:01 pm

Reporting from RT Booklovers! Wattpad, writing series, and more

10:00 am

Bart and Chris by Amy Crook

02:41 pm

More from RT Booklovers: Day 2! GLBT “Post-Gay”? Marketing Series, and Bonus Content

02:08 am

RT Award Recap: Cecilia Tan Pioneer & Career Achievement Award speeches

10:00 am

Personal Jesus

10:00 am

Alternate universe fic!

10:00 am

Sonic Youth

10:00 am

Timelines by Joe

11:57 am

Digital Branding for Authors at BEA15

02:26 pm

We Need Diverse Books! Panel discussion recap BEA15



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