May 2014
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10:00 am

Social Distortion

01:53 am

Liner Note: May 2014

10:00 am

Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely

09:00 am

Home Sweet Home

07:18 pm

Kickstarter Update: 60 hours to go!

01:09 am

Kickstarter for Daron’s Guitar Chronicles ends Friday!

10:00 am

Relax (Don’t Do It)

03:07 pm

20 Hours left! And only $439 left to raise! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!1!!!

02:23 am

Last hours of the Kickstarter! UPDATE: DONE!

09:00 am

Public Image Limited

11:30 am

UPDATED schedule for RT Booklovers: where I’ll be found!

10:00 am

Put the Message in the Box

10:00 am


02:47 am

RT is over and I had a great time!

10:00 am

Glamorous Life

09:32 am

She’s So Unusual

09:00 am

Show Me Your Soul

02:15 am

Book Expo America! (Plus Bi Book Awards and Lammies)

09:00 am

Hello I Love You



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