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The second of the Thursday Fanworks is fiction by Mark Treble, a follow-up to Flip’s Story. Mark’s standard note still applies: This is a work of fiction and all names used are fictional. It is fan fiction based on the “Daron’s Guitar Chronicles” series by Cecelia Tan. There are no copyright restrictions on this work and it is free for such use as the reader may wish, without attribution.

A secondary note from sanders: brace for homophobic language–it’s Mills being Mills and leveling up in being a slimeball.


Ziggy did his revolting thing in the recording studio. Jordan Travers was producing this part of the album, and he turned the mixing board over to somebody else so he could come out and stand with Ziggy for a run-through. Ziggy started doing something with his hips, staring at Jordan, and coming closer to him. He got down on his knees and sang into Jordan’s crotch. Then he pulled himself up along Jordan’s body and licked his ear. I wanted to vomit.

There have been rumors about Travers for a while, and he just stood there and took it. I guess the rumors are true.

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