Mirrored from the latest entry in Daron's Guitar Chronicles.

Character Overview

The story covers a number of years and throughout, friends and love-interests appear – and disappear.

This callout is for characters who play an important part in the life of our hero Daron as either friends or lovers.

Initial Callout


Carynne Handley is a manager in training for Nomad the first time Daron tours with them. Interested in Daron romantically at first, she later becomes a friend and a great support to him in his career.

Lauren Ambrose [Agent – Stephanie]

Lauren Ambrose [Agent – Sanders]

Carnie Wilson [Agent – Bonnie]

Winona Ryder [Agent – Bonnie]

Waiting on actor information [Agent – Cecila]


Colin enters the story as a roommate of Chris’s at the Allston house.  He’s a part-time accountant, full-time punk. Colin becomes intimate with Daron as the story progresses.

Machine Gun Kelly [Agent – Kerri]

Matthew Lillard [Agent – Bonnie]

Matthew Lillard [Agent – Bonnie]

Matthew Lillard [Agent – Cecila]

Dominic Monaghan [Agent – Sanders]

Dominic Monaghan [Agent – Sanders]


Jonathon McCabe is a reporter for SPIN Magazine. As the story progresses, Jonathon becomes a serious love interest for Daron.

John Cusack [Agent – Bonnie]


On her way up the charts, Sara is a young singer not being taken seriously by her management. Often paired romantically with Daron by their PR people she and Daron become confidants and friends.

Natasha Bedingfield [Agent – Stephanie]

Taylor Swift [Agent – Bonnie]

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