dgc_ebook_7_cover_version3_510Tadaa! Here we are folks, with a new volume of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles finally out in ebook! Volume seven begins in January 1990 (whoaaa…. the nineties…!) with Daron’s international jaunt from Australia to Guitar Craft School to Seville, and ends a few months later after his much anticipated reunion with Ziggy.

I think the first of the “reunion with Ziggy” chapters might be the post with the most single reads in the 24 hours after posting in the history of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles.

Anyway, if you’re collecting the ebooks, here are buy links:
B&N | Amazon | Smashwords

Now, what’s all this about a MEME CONTEST??

Here we go! Various fans of DGC have gotten into making memes or “quote art” — combining photos with quotes from the series. I’ve decided why not make it a contest? Here are the rules:

  1. PRIZE: Grand prize will be a DGC Prize Pack including a Moondog Three tote bag, both paperback omnibus editions of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Five runners up will get a prize pack of a tote bag and all seven ebook editions.
  2. Deadline for entry is September 9, 2015.
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