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( Jan. 3rd, 2017 09:00 am)

Mirrored from the latest entry in Daron's Guitar Chronicles.

When there’s something on my mind, I don’t think very well. I mean literally, it’s like there’s something in the way of the gears of my brain clicking the way they should. I think addiction is having something on your mind constantly, something that’s not actually beneficial to you at all. Obsession, too–same deal. I don’t make good decisions when I’m obsessed. Well, at least when I’m obsessed with a person, like all that time I was hung up on Ziggy. (Haha, which time, Daron?) Being obsessed with music is my reason for living so maybe obsessed isn’t quite the right word for that. It’s one thing to be focused, to be driven to do something…

Let’s argue about art later. Right now I’m trying to figure something out about my mother.

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