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So the posting last week of the DGC “annual report” has led to a lot of discussions both in the comments on that post and in emails back and forth between me and various readers, fans, and supporters. That prompted me to post this as an anchor post for discussions about some stuff for this coming year and to solicit your ideas and wishes for the future of the site.

Some topics on my mind:

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I know I’m blogging a lot about my Secrets of a Rock Star series this month because book one launches on Jan 26th, but book two is making a splash this week! Yesterday Ever After Romance revealed the cover for WILD LICKS, but even they haven’t seen the sexy “ebook only” version of the cover!

Below I’ve got the side by side versions, and then below that I also made an animation that transitions from the mild version to the wild version. Va-va-voom!

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The Arisia science fiction convention is next week in Boston, at the Westin Waterfront, with guest of honor John Scalzi. My panel & appearance schedule has finally settled down and shaped up to the following four panels, two parties, and one erotica reading! Details:

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