January 2016
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09:00 am

Get a free copy of upcoming BDSM romance TAKING THE LEAD by Cecilia Tan

08:50 am

Too Much Pressure

09:00 am

RT Book Reviews loved TAKING THE LEAD!

08:30 am

The Future of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Please Weigh In!

08:45 am

Wild Licks! BDSM rock star romance cover revealed!

09:00 am

Arisia schedule for Cecilia Tan: 1 erotica reading, 2 parties, 4 panels!

09:00 am

Do It Clean

04:35 pm

David Bowie: It’s like a guardian angel is gone

09:00 am

You Belong In Rock and Roll

03:32 am

Hallo Spaceboy

09:00 am

A Lil Ain’t Enough

01:34 pm

Ooooh. My publisher put Slow Surrender on 99 cents sale!

09:00 am

Cecilia Tan’s Taking the Lead BDSM romance got a starred review in PW!

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09:00 am

Middle of the Road

09:00 am

Writing Advice: What I Learned from Reading One-Star Reviews

09:00 am

The Look

02:27 pm

“Chat live with BDSM romance author Cecilia Tan this Tuesday!”

09:00 am

Taking the Lead: new rockstar BDSM romance, NSFW preview chapter!

09:00 am


09:35 am

Is attending RWA or RT Worth the Cost? (Spoiler: YESSS)

12:01 am

Launch day for the hottest BDSM rock star romance of the year: TAKING THE LEAD!

09:00 am

How Much Is Enough

09:00 am

Kitchens of Distinction



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