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For someone who neither plays a sport nor goes to see sporting events, I sure have spent a lot of time in sports arenas, haven’t I?

George came striding past us quickly, the keys hanging from his belt loop jingling. He clapped me on the shoulder as he went by. “Gonna roll in about fifteen,” he said.

In other words, I needed to get on the bus. I turned to Ziggy, who was still holding my hands. That’s right, I didn’t drop them just because somebody came down the hall.

For the moment we were alone again, though. And the topic of discussion was still “us.”

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Thank you to everyone taking part in the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Volume Eight cover reveal! (Looking at you Gay Book Reviews and Reading Past My Bedtime!) This is volume eight of the ongoing web serial, which is collected into ebooks as each arc of character development is completed.

Volume 8 runs 78,000 words and is available for pre-order right now! Pre-order price is $2.99. Book 8 goes live on November 10th and then the price will jump to the regular $5.99!

Pre-order at:
Barnes & Noble

More info (& the cover art…) below the cut!

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